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"If you're having trouble in school, you're not alone. You are smart, strong, and capable. Let's reach higher, together!"

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Perfect For Working Parents
Our program is 5 days a week with pick up each day. We make sure the homework gets done!

Track 2: Full Enrichment

If your child is already doing well, let's get them even further. We give one hour of math and English daily.

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Here are some common questions...

Do I qualify for pick ups?

To accommodate hybrid learning, we are extending our pick up services to include home pick up as well. If you want to see if you qualify, please contact us directly.

Are classes online, or in person?

All of our after school classes are in-person. We maintain a safe social distancing and all covid safety protocols are followed.

What if I can't afford tutoring?

TAS is one of the few tutoring centers in the country that offers aid to students in need. If you have a child who needs tutoring, don’t hesitate to call. We are here to work with you.

Do you help prepare them for school exams?

Yes. The goal of the after school program is to take the burden off of parents. We help students finish their homework, review for upcoming exams, and get in extra practice for school. We do exactly what you would do at home, for you.

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