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Our After School Program is closed on Monday May 2nd. All classes resume on Tuesday, May 3rd. Private classes will remain in session.

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    The SAT Course was perfect. My son understood everything and his score increased 100 points. I couldn't be happier. We literally tried everything before TAS. So happy.
    Julia Baidas
    My child started with Algebra 2 but then started taking ACT classes of the summer. Her tutor helped her do well, and motivated her to apply to her dream school. I couldn't be happier. She got a tutor and mentor to help her along the way. You should give TAS a try. You won't regret it. Highly recommended.
    Jamek Ebon
    I work 5 days a week and hold two part time jobs. I couldn't hope to pay this bills without my after school program. It made it possible to leave my child somewhere safe. He got his homework finished and it made my life so much easier.
    Roberta Prickett
    My son has been coming for Summer Camp for two years now. It's something he literally looks forward to every year. Its full day and he gets a ride from home. Every summer I need to find someway to fill his time productively. Math, English, Robotics, Field Trips. I could literally leave him there all year and he wouldn't mind.
    Jordan Brown